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Ringwood North Netball Club will again be using Nardelli Coaching to assist us in our commitment to hold an independently run grading day.   The outcome of our grading day (to be held on 12th November, 2023) will form our teams for the upcoming 2023 year of netball.

To ensure the day is run smoothly and successfully we will need all players (U11-U17) to register using the link below and nominate two  positions you would like to trial/grade in.  (Consider getting feedback from Coaches and parents to assist you).

Players will be placed on court in their two chosen positions, playing several games over 1-2hrs (depending on numbers registered in that age group on the day)

Where possible we will endeavor to have similar skill levels playing against each other and for all players to have approximately the same amount of court time, however this can be affected by the number of players registering for positions and the number of players in each age group. The club also asks that any special requests be addressed prior to grading day, these would include players playing up an age group for example. These requests will need to be put in writing to Kirsty @

Parents are encouraged to discuss with their children this is about being in a team that best suits their skills and abilities as well as team balance. This will allow them to be the best netballer they can be and will assist in their future development. 

The club is aware that some players may handle grading differently and we in no way want this day to put any unnecessary pressure on our players. Nardelli Coaching are extremely professional and experienced and are very well versed in days like these, so please know that they are looking at each players individual skills and ability not just how they played against their opponent.



If you know that you will not be playing next year please advise us ASAP as this will greatly impact team numbers and has a large flow on effect to other teams.

Players/Parents must advise the club ASAP if you are unable to make the grading day, otherwise ALL required players are to register and participate. 

 Please note: If a player isn’t at grading day and hasn’t previously advised the club of their absence, this may impact their placement in a team for 2023. 

Grading will be completed with those that attend on the day, then teams will be selected. We will then look at placing those unadvised non attendees in teams based on numbers and team availability in that age group.

We are fully aware and understand that there may be some legitimate, unavoidable absences on the day and that is why we require as much notice as possible. 

Closing date for registration is 30th  October 

The club is very excited to have the opportunity to again work with Nardelli Coaching on this event and as much as we plan for a smooth run we also ask for your understanding on the day considering the large numbers of players being organized correctly.

If you are not familiar with Nardelli Coaching please click here further details.

Please feel free to provide us with any feedback to help the club to keep growing and improving.

If you know of anyone that would like to join the club, this is the perfect time so please get them to contact the club or pass on the registration link.

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